Satyanarayan Pooja Samagri Kit

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Lord satyanarayana is another form of lord vishnu, usually worshipped on a full moon day of the month. A narayan form of lord vishnu is considered an embodiment of truth. The lord's grace is described in skanda purana. He has four hands like lord vishnu, however, his fourth hand does not hold a lotus rather it is extended upward to bless people. In satyanarayana pooja, people worship by reciting the gracious story of lord satyanarayana. Many people carry out this puja immediately after or along with an auspicious occasion or any success in life. People worship by reciting the gracious story of the lord which was once told by lord vishnu himself to the sage narada for the benefit of humankind. We have assembled in this pack all the essentials for worshipping and pleasing lord satyanarayan. This pack can be used for daily satynarayan puja or during poornima puja (full moon day) and for any ritual involving worshipping lord satyanarayan.




Net Wt. 1.18LB, 536g
Product of India
Packaging: box 
Product Type: Prayer Item


Satyanarayan Poster, Katha Book, Peela Kapda(Yellow Cloth), Roli, Chawal (Rice), Haldi Powder (Turmeric Powder), Chandan Powder (Sandal

Wood Powder),Sindoor (Vermillion), Abil Powder, Gulal (Decorative Colour), Steel Diya, Laung (Clove), Elaichi

(Cardamom)Supari(Betelnut),CamphorAshtgandh, Agarbatti (Incense Stick), Lambi Batti (Long Cotton Jyot), Mauli, Janeu(Cotton Thread),


(Holy Water),  Shahad (Honey), Ittar (Perfume), Steel Agarbatti Stand, Panchmeva, Dhoop, Mishri (Sugar Candy),

 RAngoli Colour,  Round Batti (Round Cotton Wicks), Haldi Sabut (Turmeric Whole), Pooja Cotton.