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Hanuman is a great devotee of Lord Rama, the son of Vayu, and the 11th form of Lord Shiva. Chaitra Shukla Purnima is the day of his incarnation. The important days for worshipping Hanuman are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. According to legend, when Shani (Saturn) approached Hanuman to bring him under his spell, Hanuman took him by the hair, dangled him in the air, and blew air on him. He let Shani go only after he promised he would never harm Hanuman or his devotees. Hence, those who have the inauspicious seven-and-a-half year period of Shani should worship Hanuman on Saturdays. Others can worship on any of the three days.


Spread a red cloth on a low stool and place a photo of Lord Hanuman on it. Now remember Lord Ganesha first and do pranam to him. Light an earthen lamp and dhoop stick. Show the lamp and stick to Lord Ganesha. Pray to Hanuman to receive the offerings. Now start the puja. Do panchopchar with five things:

Show earthen lamp to Lord Hanuman.

Show dhoop to him.

Offer flowers to him.

Offer sacred water to him.

Offer gud-chana to him as prasad.

After this, offer tulsi. Apply ashtgandh or chandan tilak on the forehead of Hanuman. Also affix some akshat (raw rice) on tilak. Now recite Hanuman mantra (“Om ham hanumate namah”) at least 108 times. Keep meditating on Hanuman ji during the recitation.

After completion of recitation, offer it to the god by saying, “O Hanuman ji! I offer this recitation and puja at your lotus feet. Kindly receive this.”

Now do visarjan. Take some flowers and akshat in right hand. Say, “I am grateful you came to our place for puja. Please receive these sacred offerings and reside again at your divine place.”

This simple Hanuman Puja gives you pure devotion and love of Lord Hanuman.




Net Wt. 1.18LB, 536g
Product of India
Packaging: box 
Product Type: Prayer Item


Hanuman Chalisa, Chameli Oil, Lal Langot, Chandi Ki Barak, Kesar (Saffron), Sindoor (Vermillion), Gangajal (Holy Water), Laung (Clove), Elaichi

(Cardamom),Supari(Betelnut),Camphor,Chandan Tilak Stick, Agarbatti (Incense Stick),Mishri (Sugar Candy),Steel Diya,Shahad (Honey), Steel

Agarbatti Stand, Panchmeva, Dhoop, Mauli, Janeu (Cotton Thread), Round Batti (Round Cotton Wicks).